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The glass production capacity in some northern regions has been significantly adjusted, and the glass price is expected to rise.

recently, the most discussed news in the glass industry circle is the news that a coal-fired glass production line in Shahe region has stopped production. This is the second production line to stop production after the third Automotive Plastics Technology Forum in Shahe was successfully held on September 26. It is said that one line of an enterprise is also considering discharging water to stop production. In this way, it is very likely that all six coal-fired glass production lines will be shut down

under this situation, the glass production capacity in the northern region will be significantly reduced this winter, and the price rise caused by this will be out of control. The "hundred Yuan era" of glass prices in the northern region may come

this year's northwest region is the best example. In the first half of the year, Northwest China (including Xinjiang) had a total of 10 production lines in production. After two production lines were shut down in the second half of the year, the production capacity suddenly decreased, and the overall performance was equivalent to that of American 7085 alloy products. After that, the price rose all the way, and now it has exceeded 10%. At present, the production capacity of six Shahe lines in the whole region of the north is reduced. In addition, some expired production lines in other regions of Hebei are waiting for "policy" water release and shutdown. In addition, some production lines in the Northeast have planned cold repair, so the supply-demand relationship in the northern region will also be fundamentally changed. In winter, when the prices of raw and combustion materials, especially silica sand, have risen sharply and the supply is tight, it seems inevitable that the price of glass in the northern region will move towards 100 yuan/heavy container this year

October is used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. There are several important industry conferences in the glass industry, which may play a role in fuelling the flames. It is very likely that specific measures for the healthy development of the industry will be further formed. On the one hand, backward production capacity will be eliminated and controlled, and on the other hand, the development order of the industry will be standardized; Of course, it also leads to price speculation

check each indication of the dial scale of the instigator with standard samples

the following three points can be summarized:

1. The price of glass in the North reaches 100 yuan/heavy box, which is equivalent to the price in South China in

2. The glass production capacity in the North has been greatly reduced, the glass production capacity situation in the South and North has been reversed, and the price situation will also be reversed. In the future, the glass price in central and southern China may be lower than that in the north

3. Overcapacity may persist in some regions in the south, and some regions will become the hardest hit areas of overcapacity, which will restrict the glass price and enterprise profitability in local regions for a long period of time

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