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Glass materials used for decoration shall be adapted to local conditions. It is learned that different types of glass shall be selected for different shapes, and there are certain requirements for the thickness of glass. Some shapes also need to be treated accordingly

ceiling shall be treated for large area use.

glass ceiling is mostly used for corridor ceiling. Do not use glass in a large area on the ceiling. Even if it is used, the glass ceiling should be partitioned into squares with metal, wood or gypsum

painted glass and sandblasted glass are good materials for ceiling. The glass sample used in the ceiling must be perpendicular to the central axis of the tester. Another important point is that the thickness is limited, "because the glass is self heavy, for safety reasons, the ceiling glass thickness is generally controlled within mm."

the ceiling in the bathroom can be made of baking varnish negative electrode material. The market demand for glass is very considerable. It does not fade, but also acts as a reflector to enhance the decorative effect

when using the glass ceiling in the living room, the width of the glass should be as small as possible because the glass has poor bending resistance and is easy to break. Glass gives people a sense of instability. Don't use too much glass as ceiling in the living room. It is easy to damage the atmosphere of the home, and the effect is not ideal

it is better to use tempered glass for partition wall

for safety reasons, tempered glass should be used as much as possible for partition wall, because the hardness of tempered glass is 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the bending resistance is also times that of ordinary glass, which has higher safety. It is better to frame the glass partition wall

the partition between the balcony and the living room should consider the requirements of sound insulation and heat preservation. Therefore, it is best to use double-layer glass. Some decorations such as dried flowers, hay and glass beads can be stuffed in the gap between the double-layer glass, which can not only transmit light but also achieve the decorative effect. The partition between the bathroom and the living room with frosted glass or craft glass can also play a good decorative effect

in addition, glass brick is also a good material for the partition wall in the kitchen and bathroom. Because the glass brick is not transparent and hard, it is very suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Glass brick is divided into plain color and color. Some of them have patterns such as colored painting or hidden flowers in the middle. The effect is very good in home decoration. However, the cost of glass brick partition is twice that of ordinary partition wall

a prompt should be set on the screen glass

the glass screen can be considered at the entrance hall, which not only transmits light, but also has a certain artistic effect. According to the special style requirements, some even need to add frames. If the whole piece of glass without frames is used, it is best to make a pattern or hang a picture map on it to give a hint and prevent the family from accidentally bumping into the glass

the installation firmness of the background wall takes the lead

according to the specific style requirements, baking paint or process glass can be used. However, it must be installed firmly, and the glass shall be bonded by adhesive, which is both firm and beautiful

the door core is selected according to the size of the door core

if the door is made of glass, it is better to choose ordinary tempered glass or artistic glass, and the thickness should be more than 8mm

the glass in the middle of some wooden doors should be purchased or customized by the owner. At this time, the glass shall be treated according to the size of the door core. Generally speaking, the thickness of door core glass is between mm. If the door core area is large, laminated glass can be selected, and the door core with small area has no high requirements. If light steel glass or frosted glass is used, the door shall be framed with a thin wood lining to prevent injury caused by impact

anti skid measures on the ground are very important

tempered glass or laminated glass with a thickness of more than 15mm shall be selected. Such glass is strong and not fragile

for the platform, either colored glass bolt wedge load test or brown glass can be selected. The color painted glass platform is fashionable, and the brown glass platform is slightly introverted and reserved, which can meet the needs of different people and decorative styles

however, the use of glass on the ground is dazzling, which can create a very avant-garde feeling, but it may be too slippery and unsafe. Therefore, although the glass platform can create a good visual effect, it is also easy to slip, and the edges and corners are not easy to handle. Therefore, it is not recommended to make the ground or platform with coarse crystal particles of the as cast glass organization. Even if it is used, it is best to do some anti-skid treatment

pay attention to quality when purchasing glass

the naked eye cannot distinguish the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass, but tempered glass generally has 3C certification mark; The quality of the glass can be checked simply by light transmittance. For example, if the glass is flickered in front of your eyes, it indicates that there are impurities; The quality problem can also be explained by looking at the flatness of the glass. Secondly, looking at the pictures of painted glass, if there is pigment overflow, it indicates that the workmanship is average. Glass for home decoration is a matter of safety. It is recommended that consumers buy it in a regular building materials store. Zhonghua glass () Department

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