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Give full play to the advantages of industrial interconnection to improve the production and scheduling capacity of materials

at the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus is coming with great momentum, which has brought great challenges to the production and allocation of emergency medical materials in China. In this context, it is of great significance to explore industrial interconnection to improve the production and scheduling capacity of key materials in the face of major epidemics and other emergencies

as the product of the deep integration of the new generation of network information technology and manufacturing industry, industrial interconnection is an important infrastructure to realize the development of industry digitalization, networking and intelligence. It can quickly and accurately connect the supply side and demand side data and information by comprehensively connecting the whole elements, the whole industry chain and the whole value chain of the industrial system, effectively improve the allocation efficiency of key materials in emergencies and rapidly increase the output of key materials, The overall optimization of the production, scheduling and distribution of key materials will be realized in a short time, so as to greatly improve the national emergency response capacity in the face of major epidemics and other emergencies

first, the existing production and allocation management mode of key materials in China is relatively extensive.

first, it is difficult to get through the material supply and demand information in real time, the data island phenomenon is serious, and the scientificity and effectiveness of scheduling are difficult to be guaranteed. At present, China lacks effective means to accurately and timely master the supply and demand data of key materials, and the problems of data island and data fragmentation are serious. On the supply side, it is difficult to fully grasp the data of medical material production enterprises, non designated production enterprises requisitioned, raw material data, global related industry flow data, etc. in real time; On the demand side, it is difficult to comprehensively master the data of medical institutions, enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, and the demand data of the public in real time. At present, the dispatching and allocation of key materials mainly rely on statistical data reported by enterprises, data reported by various units and manual estimation. The data is fragmented and difficult to share, making it difficult to ensure the scientificity and effectiveness of dispatching

second, it is unable to accurately and timely grasp the warehousing, logistics and distribution of key materials, and the efficiency of material allocation needs to be improved. In the current war and epidemic, the party and the government have taken strong measures to ensure the supply of medical protection materials for the people in the epidemic area. However, due to the lack of detailed understanding of the daily production, sales and inventory of key materials such as masks and protective clothing, it is difficult to track the logistics and distribution of materials, and the lack of accurate and timely understanding of the distribution and consumption of materials, the distribution of key medical materials is still unreasonable. The ministry can provide almost infinite design freedom in terms of shape, color and texture. Front line medical units still have masks Lack of protective clothing and other materials

third, the production factors of key materials cannot be quickly opened up, and the output of key materials cannot be significantly increased at the first time. Due to the lack of docking mechanism between the government and enterprises and the lack of market information, it is difficult to effectively regulate the distribution of various elements required for the production of key materials. At present, the daily output of masks in China is about 8million, which is difficult to meet the daily needs of the people all over the country, and it is in urgent need of rapid expansion of production capacity; The raw materials required for mask production are not complex. However, mask manufacturers are difficult to quickly grasp the upstream and downstream information of relevant industries in a short time, and cannot quickly improve the supply of raw materials, so they are unable to expand production capacity in a timely manner; Some enterprises have the production capacity to produce masks, but they lack raw materials and upstream and downstream information, and it is difficult to change production quickly

fourth, the lack of accurate grasp of key material information nationwide makes it impossible to achieve nationwide global scheduling optimization. As the national joint system for key materials has not been improved, it is difficult to allocate key materials according to the development of the epidemic situation and to allocate nearby materials according to the production and storage conditions. The severity of this outbreak is different. There are relatively few confirmed and suspected cases in some cities, but they still rush for urgently needed materials such as masks, resulting in unnecessary waste of materials. In this case, if we can effectively coordinate the production and allocation of medical protection materials throughout the country and give priority to areas with serious epidemics, it will effectively alleviate the shortage of key materials and improve the allocation efficiency

II. Industrial interconnection improves the production and allocation capacity of key materials in an all-round way.

first, it effectively connects the supply side and demand side information of key materials, providing a basis for real-time and accurate allocation of materials. The industrial interconnection platform is an efficient docking platform for key material production information and demand information. It can quickly and accurately get through industrial production data, material demand data, market supply chain data, scheduling and distribution data, so as to effectively break the information island. At present, some industrial interconnected enterprises have joined the deployment of medical materials and achieved certain results. Helcaos released the medical materials information sharing resource convergence platform on January 30, realizing the accurate and rapid matching between supply and demand of medical protection materials. As of February 8, the platform has received more than 80000 visits, attracting more than 1000 organizations from government departments, local hospitals, medical enterprises, logistics enterprises and other organizations to publish and connect supply and demand information on the platform, enabling the purchase of production factors of medical materials and organizing efficient logistics distribution

second, accurately master the real-time logistics storage information of key materials, and greatly improve the scheduling and use efficiency of key materials. Through industrial interconnection, the management ability of industrial data resources can be greatly improved, so as to improve the allocation efficiency of various resources in industrial production. In the distribution of medical materials, through the identification analysis, blockchain and other industrial interconnection related technologies, the unique identification is made in the production and storage of key medical materials, so that the location, quantity, type and other information of each package of masks and each set of protective clothing can be known through the industrial interconnection platform, and the logistics storage and distribution of trackers can be judged through artificial intelligence, so as to achieve efficient control and accurate configuration. On this basis, it can effectively coordinate the production scheduling and use information of key materials nationwide and realize global optimization

third, strengthen the supply and output of raw materials for the production of key materials, and quickly improve the production capacity of key materials. Industrial interconnection can comprehensively connect the whole industrial chain of key materials, quickly allocate raw materials, capital, labor and other elements for enterprises with production capacity, and optimize the allocation of means of production in combination with geographical location and use demand, so as to quickly increase the output of key materials, realize the distribution near production, and improve the overall efficiency of production, transportation and use. At present, in order to combat the epidemic and help enterprises with scientific research and production, dozens of enterprises have provided 240 industrial apps for free use by medical material manufacturers, and helped relevant enterprises with R & D, design, production, manufacturing and operation management, so as to have more time to convey the changes in charging conditions, operation and maintenance services, manage the epidemic, effectively connect supply and demand data, and quickly resume production

III. The three leading chess pieces of industrial interconnection to help improve emergency support capability

first, ensure the data acquisition on the supply side of key materials, and establish a dynamic data collection platform for the production and allocation of key materials and a production intervention mechanism for key materials. Relying on industrial interconnection, build a dynamic data collection platform for epidemic prevention materials, medical devices and key raw materials. For the epidemic prevention material production enterprises with insufficient information level and unable to directly obtain data, provide front-end identification intelligent collection equipment to directly collect data in the material production link; For epidemic protection material production enterprises that can directly collect data, edge acquisition equipment is provided to directly collect data from enterprise ERP (enterprise resource management system) and MES (production information management system), so as to achieve controllable production, controllable quality and traceable data. Establish and improve the management mechanism of key material production enterprises in various emergencies to ensure that the relevant departments can immediately introduce the most suitable products for manufacturing microwave antennas (radomes) or other special electrical products into the production of relevant enterprises. Various enterprises can seamlessly connect with the industrial interconnection platform, obtain various elements such as raw materials required for the production of key materials, and optimize the production scheduling and expansion of production enterprises. In order to better promote the above work, it is recommended to select a typical epidemic prevention and control material production enterprise to realize the dynamic data collection and optimal scheduling in raw material procurement, order demand, production and processing, logistics distribution, sales and use, and support the manageability, controllability and inspection of epidemic prevention and control materials

the second is to ensure the data accommodation on the demand side of key materials, and establish and improve the inter departmental emergency data sharing mechanism. Policies and regulations related to data sharing of key materials have been issued, docking mechanisms and standards have been improved, data sharing among relevant departments, the health commission and various medical institutions has been realized, and relevant departments have been ensured to obtain key material demand data in real time and accurately. In order to better obtain demand side data, industrial interconnection and big data means can be used: for logistics enterprises, provide front-end identification intelligent collection equipment to collect bulk logistics data of epidemic prevention materials, and connect with logistics data in mature epidemic prevention and control material distribution and wholesale enterprises, third-party logistics enterprises and other property flow platforms as required; For the sales and use links, especially the hospital use links, it can realize the docking with the core data such as the demand, requisition and inventory of epidemic prevention and control materials in his (hospital information system) and other systems

third, comprehensively strengthen the government's ability to control emergencies, and achieve efficient, scientific and accurate production and allocation of key materials. Strengthen top-level design, ensure the government's real-time and accurate access to data information of medical institutions, departments at all levels, the public, colleges and universities, and enterprises in case of emergencies, and effectively control material supply and demand, social public opinion, global industrial chain supply, etc. in the era of big data. Improve computing capacity, strengthen algorithm research, establish big data analysis and prediction models for various emergencies based on the deployment data of key materials on various emergency support platforms, guide enterprises to produce and distribute nearby, optimize the deployment of key materials nationwide, structurally adjust the production types of key materials according to the needs of the public, and predict production scheduling and expansion according to the development of the epidemic situation

(the author is xuxiaolan, President of China Industrial interconnection Research Institute)

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