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Baogou town glass in Tengzhou won the big order of Dubai Airport

the things we meet every day in life include many doorways, complex glass, and up to thirteen or four processes in the middle. Art glass with the highest added value not only needs professional art design, but also needs multiple factories to produce it. How does Tengzhou Glass City, a traditional glass roughing City, adjust its product structure and increase the added value of the glass industry

it took six to seven years to invite "big brother" from Hangzhou to lead the way

there are two major clusters in the domestic glass industry, one is Shahe, Hebei, which is positioned as a characteristic craft glass, and the other is baogou Town, Tengzhou, which is positioned as a glass intensive processing and production base. "Baogou town is positioned to make high-quality and high value-added glass." Said zhangxianchao, director of baogou Town Investment Promotion branch. In the glass industry, art glass has the highest added value, and the profit can even reach 200%

before November 2015, most of the art glass in baogou town could only be sold to the low-end market, and one piece could only be sold for threeorfour yuan. "Most of the small businesses in the park focus on rough processing, and the product quality is not good. For example, the glass carving and coloring process is not good. Even if it is done, it can only face such a large structure to the low-end market." Zhang Xianchao said

in order to improve the quality, they set their eyes on the big brother in the art glass industry and Hangzhou Chenshi glass carving products Co., Ltd. This way of attracting investment has been around for sixorseven years. The two sides had many talks before the construction of the glass city in baogou town. At that time, Hangzhou was concerned about the talent and environment of baogou Town, so it was not finalized. It was not until november2015 that Hangzhou Chenshi glass carving products Co., Ltd. settled in baogou town and established Shandong Shijie ChanRong Glass Technology Co., Ltd

vision industry and finance settled in the industrial park, which led to the improvement of the quality of process glass in the whole baogou Town Industrial Park. A piece of glass can be sold for sevenoreight hundred yuan. In addition, it has also attracted several craft glass manufacturers in Chongqing and Shenzhen to take the initiative to negotiate and settle in the park

we learned from the interview that some enterprises hope that the industrial park can introduce more high-end brand enterprises. These enterprises bring not only the upgrading of product structure and the improvement of industrial chain, but also talents and advanced management concepts, so as to enhance the development of local enterprises

The glass industry in baogou town can be traced back to the 1980s. At that time, a glass factory in Liaoning Province considered from the principle of biodegradation: the toughener structure did not contain groups that are easy to absorb water as much as possible, and the majority of villagers in baogou town were driven to join the glass industry. About 90% of the people engaged in the glass industry are from baogou town

at present, the glass products in baogou town have developed from a single original glass piece to more than 60 varieties and more than 2000 specifications. The production capacity of glass mirror products accounts for 31% of the country. 7%, and the output of architectural decoration glass and art glass ranks first in the province and third in China

Tengzhou Fenghua Glass Co., Ltd. is famous for producing architectural glass. It once supplied glass to Dubai airport and processed glass walls for Apple stores. Wang Wei, the person in charge of Fenghua glass, said that we should not underestimate such a piece of glass. From the raw glass to the finished product, there are threeorfour kinds of processes, and more than a dozen kinds. Take an order from Dubai airport for example. It needs a kind of glass called "tempered laminated non fingerprint back baking paint". From the name, it can be seen that the production process of this kind of glass is complex. It needs to go through thirteen or four processes, including the use of syringes or straw heads and sealant. Wang Wei's own factory alone can not achieve perfection in the process

Wang Wei outsourced the two processes of "no fingerprint" and "baking paint on the back" to two other glass factories in the industrial park, with a light processing fee of nearly 3million yuan. After the raw glass leaves the factory, the first step is to carry out "no fingerprint" treatment. This process is carried out by an art glass factory and requires 3 to 4 processes; The next step is tempering and gluing, which are processed by Fenghua itself, and 6 to 7 processes are required in the middle; Finally, it needs to beautify the back. After three times of back baking, it can be regarded as a finished product

Wang Wei said that this kind of glass costs 300 yuan per square meter. It has produced 70000 to 80000 square meters for Dubai airport, and more than 6000 square meters are under production. "A total of more than 200000 square meters of orders were signed, not only for this kind of glass, but also for other kinds of glass, with a total price of almost tens of millions of yuan." Wang Wei said

"glass is not as simple as people think. It can be divided into mirror, art, sculpture, etc. it can also be divided into interior glass and exterior glass. Interior glass, such as the glass used in kitchens and toilets, and exterior glass, such as door and window glass. Now there are more than 200 factories in the glass city, with more than 60 products, and almost all the glass production processes are covered." Wang Wei said

industrial clusters also give the enterprises in the park a taste of the benefits of group development. "When customers visit the industrial park and go out to participate in the exhibition, the expenses will be shared equally. For the expansion of overseas customers, each enterprise also has its own target countries. After the market is opened, they will introduce customers to each other." Wang Wei said

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