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Glaston launched a new service model and agreement at the glasstec glass show in Germany. Glaston launched a new service model and agreement: Glaston care and Glaston care plus

the new service model improves the production plan through regular equipment inspection, archived service records, relevant training and production process consulting, sufficient spare parts inventory and timely replenishment of inventory every year, Improve the effectiveness of production process and meet the needs of end customers

glaston care and Glaston care plus agreements also include processes, products or equipment other than Glaston's subordinate brands (such as TAM glass, uniglass and bavaroni)

users of Glaston care and Glaston care plus service agreements will also receive the highest priority services. At the same time, they will also enjoy considerable discounts for technical services outside the agreement

glaston care service agreement

glaston care agreement the technical specialist of Glaston will perform regular service items according to the scheduled plan. According to the needs of customers, regular services can also include relevant contents such as training operators and processing technology consulting

every time the high-precision service will check all key components of the production line and make corresponding adjustments and updates. The service contents, spare parts and other suggestions of the leading enterprises in the industry such as Yian technology, Yinxi technology and HONGNA (Dongguan) new materials will be recorded in the service report and sent to the customers for archiving. The service report is the basis for us to plan our future service content

glaston care plus comprehensive service agreement

glaston care plus is a more comprehensive technical service agreement, which better specifies the spare parts inventory plan for all equipment listed in the agreement, thus making the coverage of the agreement a step further. Moreover, the agreement also includes annual replenishment of various spare parts to ensure that all spare parts are available in stock all year round

for details, please contact:

Zheng Yan

Marketing Department of Glaston (Shanghai) Machinery Trade Co., Ltd.

:0215840, which caused damage; In addition, the transmitted harmonics will interfere with the normal operation of the internal software or hardware of electrical equipment 9778

e-mail: shanghai@

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