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Under the influence of the epidemic, glass inventory has been reduced for the first time since the Spring Festival. Glass: in April, the overall spot price of glass showed a significant adjustment, and most of the production enterprises mainly increased their outbound and withdrawal funds. The Shahe price in North China had a large adjustment range in the early stage and stabilized in the late stage. Affected by the shutdown event, traders' willingness to stock up increased, and the inventory fell rapidly; Relying on the advantages of price and shipping transportation, the central China market has a great impact on the surrounding markets. At present, Hubei glass has successively entered the Shahe market; The weak situation in East China was sorted out, but most enterprises reported that the shipment situation had improved, with more than 2200 items, and the overall production and sales were basically balanced

on the supply side: due to the impact of environmental protection and production restriction, the production capacity in some regions has been reduced. It is expected that some parts of North China will have capacity reduction plans in the future, which will play a good role in easing the contradiction between local supply and demand and increasing the confidence of surrounding markets. In terms of demand, the start-up of downstream processing enterprises and the real estate market has basically recovered. The development investment and the data of commencement and completion in March have improved month on month. It is expected that the demand will gradually pick up in the future. However, due to the impact of the overseas epidemic, most of the export orders will be delayed or cancelled, and some foreign forces will be used to promote the Meiyu season in the Tongkou District in the later stage, which will affect the traders' willingness to stock up, so the demand support is limited. In terms of inventory, the glass inventory shrank for the first time since the Spring Festival, and the year-on-year growth rate also shrank slightly. The high inventory peaked, but it still takes time to recover to a reasonable range. On the whole, the contradiction between supply and demand has improved. It is expected that the shock will be strong in May. In the later stage, attention will be paid to the implementation of the environmental protection production restriction plan and the speed of stock removal

soda ash: in April, the spot price of soda ash fell weakly, and the mainstream delivery price of heavy soda ash in Shahe region fell by 100 yuan/ton to 1350 yuan/ton. On the supply side, in May, some enterprises in East China had a centralized maintenance plan, and the overall production capacity would decline. If it was implemented, it would greatly relieve the pressure on local production and sales, but the inventory increased significantly, the supply side was still surplus, and the maintenance or reduction would reduce the burden, but it had little impact on the supply. In terms of demand, the downstream glass enterprises of heavy soda demand and will not damage the flat soil structure after degradation. At the same time, some glass production lines are shut down due to the fact that only one oxygen index can pass the inspection of the relevant factors. They are not willing to replenish the stock of raw material soda ash. The enterprise has difficulty in selling end products, and the stock continues to accumulate. In the short term, the situation of high overall inventory and slow digestion cannot be changed, and the overall situation of soda ash remains weak at the bottom

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