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For small houses, the area of the bathroom can be said to be small and small, generally speaking, it is only about 4 square meters. For people who pay attention to the quality of life, they will not compromise to a small area. Careful planning of bathroom space is very important. The most basic skill of small bathroom decoration is to keep the space clean. Today we will take a look at the relevant introduction of small bathroom decoration

for the decoration of small toilets, pay attention to 1. There is enough storage space

for any room, the storage of space is extremely important, as is the case in small houses. The hand-made storage basket with towels not only saves space, but also plays a decorative role. The small partition made of wood is also placed with towels and bamboo baskets, which greatly enhances the storage of the small space. It's best to put a washing machine in a small space under the board

for the decoration of small toilets, pay attention to 2. Keep the space clean

for a square washroom, spacious and clean is indispensable. Like this, the combination of white and dark wood color makes it fresh and natural. The white pool platform gives people a clean and tidy feeling as a whole. The square bathroom mirror increases the overall sense of permeability. Then put a few pots of small green plants. The fresh shape can give people a fresh and elegant feeling

small bathroom decoration, pay attention to 3. “ Slim down ” The toilet covers a small area

the most common toilet in the market is divided into two types: integral and split. Because the water tank and toilet are formed at one time, the scrap rate of the integral toilet is relatively high, the price is also more expensive than the body toilet, and the floor area is also larger. Therefore, choosing a split toilet in a small space saves both land and money. Absolute “ Slim down ” Split toilet is an ideal choice for small family toilets

small bathroom decoration, pay attention to 4. It is more convenient to install a shower in the basin.

people who are used to washing their hair and bathing at night tend to mess up their hair after sleeping, so many people choose to wash their hair in the morning. It is really troublesome to use a whole set of bathing equipment only for the cleaning of their hair. Therefore, you might as well install a shower or a pull-out faucet on the basin, just like the treatment you enjoy in a barber shop

small bathroom decoration, pay attention to 5. Wash basin reject column basin

try not to install column basin in the small bathroom, because the column space below is almost unusable, unless wrapped in a specially made bathtub cabinet, the two costs add up, it is better to buy a narrow platform basin and save money to buy a super large volume platform cabinet. Add some small cabinets or brackets for storing scattered items, plus hardware such as soap dishes and towel bars, and the small bathroom wash area that saves money and space will be completed

for the decoration of small toilets, pay attention to 6. The space is clearly layered

the smaller the bathroom, the more it should reflect its sense of spatial hierarchy. Only in this way can we get rid of the depression of small apartment space. The simple and smooth lines add a different taste to life. The square shape and clear and strong lines outline a simple life. The protruding square mirror adds a three-dimensional feeling in the washing room

for the decoration of small toilets, pay attention to 7. The color is suitable and mild.

most toilets use white as the main color system, in fact, other warm colors are also more suitable. Warm yellow, wood color and other mild colors can alleviate the tension brought by small family toilets. At the same time, it can add the overall simple and natural flavor, fresh and quiet

I'll introduce the decoration of the small bathroom here. I hope it can help you. More decoration information is available. Please look forward to it




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