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The police suddenly came to a front room in the busy section of dry bridge, Zipeng Road, SHANGPAI Town, Feixi County, Anhui Province, where prostitutes disguised as decorators hid in the sewer. The door was closed all year round, and men frequently came in and out. Recently, the Chengguan police station of Feixi County Public Security Bureau organized police to conduct a surprise investigation on the front room. The scene was both ironic and ironic: three men suspected of prostitution were quick witted, picked up the building tools in the house, and lied that they were decorating. An elderly woman also said she was supervising the work, and there was no trace of a missing woman in the house. All this could not be concealed from the police. After searching, the police arrested two women who had fallen asleep in the sewer. On the morning of February 19, plainclothes policemen crouched nearby and found that men came in and out of the front room one after another. At about 10 o'clock, three more men went in. The police immediately divided into three routes. The police on two routes controlled the exits of the two tunnels, and the police on the other route made a frontal assault. There are three middle-aged men and an elderly woman in the room. In the face of police investigation, several men claimed to be migrant workers and were decorating; Elderly women also claim to be in charge of work, and there is no illegal act. The police searched carefully and found that the house was divided into two floors, with 9 dark grids and 7 beds, all of which were accessible by stairs. The police found a large number of contraceptives under three beds and a small room. When searching the innermost part, the police suddenly heard a faint gasp from a wooden window. The police pulled the plank open and found that the window led to the sewer, where two women were hidden. During the investigation, a total of 8 illegal suspect were arrested. Hou and Zhou confessed to the criminal fact that they had long sheltered many women who had fallen into prostitution. At present, the two have been under criminal detention. Xu and Zhang, who were suspected of prostitution, were administratively detained. (Zhong'an online/Anhui business daily Zhang Xiu, Zhu Qingshan, Zu Chunling)

editor: Yang Zhengbao source: Zhong'an online [Print]





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