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Wall coating is a new decorative material, which has good environmental protection performance. It uses wood fiber and natural fiber as the main components, which is more natural and pure than wallpaper and paint

wall clothing is a water-based environmental protection product, which will not dry until 24-48 hours. Therefore, in order to prevent some walls with low construction quality from penetrating dirt outward, the bottom surface of the newly built wall is generally flat, clean, white and dry. After that, it needs to be covered with putty and sealed with white water-based primer. The unpainted wood or hardware surface must be painted with white water-based primer for sealing. The following editor will introduce the construction methods and characteristics of wall clothing

wall clothing construction method

I. preparatory work

1. First, pour the products in the packaging bag into the hurried plastic container

2. According to the instructions on the packaging bag, add warm water (the water temperature is generally controlled at 20 ℃ -40 ℃), and then stir evenly

3. Use clean tap water to avoid pollution

4. Put it in use for about an hour after mixing. If it is used in advance, the bonding strength of the product and the fluidity of construction will be reduced. At the beginning of use, fully stir to ensure uniform mixing and no caking

III. roll coating

1. Stick the plastic spatula of the mixture to the wall, then wipe it off, and roll it evenly with a special roll brush (the thickness is generally 1-2 mm). If uneven or exposed walls are found after drying, sprinkle some warm water, add mixed products, and roll them flat

2. During the last roll coating, the roller brush must be in the same direction. The five laws of roll coating will make the texture of the product appear more chaotic, and will produce the visual effect of uneven overall color of the wall

3. Finally, for the internal and external corners of the wall, the plastic scraper used for puttying can be used for shaping, and then the roller brush can be used for gently roller coating

characteristics of wall clothing

1, no cracking, no falling off

it has good flexibility and good air permeability, which can integrate the wall

2. Convenient construction, no pollution

the method is simple, one-time molding, no need to polish again, and can effectively avoid dust, noise and spillage

3. Easy to repair

simple to repair, it can be integrated with the original wall clothes, no joint gap, no trace of repair

4. Convenient update

as long as the wall surface is clean, flat, the bottom is white, and has good water resistance, the wall clothing can be constructed directly, and it can be renovated without any special treatment

5. Natural and effective sound absorption

dry wall clothing, uneven relief three-dimensional surface, is conducive to sound diffusion, weaken the penetration outside the wall, can well limit sound reflection, no echo, and provide a more quiet living and working environment for people

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