Yangzhou owners' decoration contract stipulates th

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Yangzhou owners' decoration contract stipulates that paint brand decorators also dare to change the decoration materials agreed in the contract, and decoration companies also dare to transfer. A few days ago, Mr. Liu in Yangzhou City complained to the Department of industry and commerce. He said that although he had made detailed preparations in advance, he was finally fooled by the decorators, and the "robbing" tricks of the decorators were impossible to prevent

in February this year, Mr. Liu signed a decoration agreement with yijiashun Decoration Co., Ltd., which clearly stated that the wall was sprayed with "China Resources" brand emulsion paint. During the decoration process, when Mr. Liu came to the new house to see the progress of decoration, he found that the decoration company actually used other latex paint to spray the wall. Mr. Liu then came to Jiangyang Industrial and commercial office to appeal and asked the decoration company to repaint the wall with "China Resources" paint or compensate for economic losses. At the mediation site, Yishun decoration company admitted that it sprayed latex paint of other brands without notifying Mr. Liu. After mediation, the decoration company compensated Mr. Liu 2000 yuan




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