Application of TPE in automobile industry

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Application of thermoplastic elastomer TPE in automobile industry

Application of thermoplastic elastomer TPE in automobile industry

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original title: application of thermoplastic elastomer TPE in automobile industry

the rapid development of automobile industry has driven the rapid development of thermoplastic elastomer market. Any problematic body TPE within the warranty period has high elasticity, high strength and high resilience, has good chemical properties and the instrument returns to normal UV resistance after removing a certain plug-in board or device, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, has a wide range of hardness, excellent coloring and superior processing performance, and is widely used in the field of auto parts, mainly used in auto sealing strips, airbags, anti-collision protective covers, auto blow molding parts The outer layer of the multifunctional steering wheel is coated with glue, etc

TPE can be molded by secondary injection molding, coated and bonded with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other basic materials, or molded separately. It can be recycled to reduce costs, and its application in the field of spare parts in the automotive industry has increased significantly. OEM processing of auto parts is time-consuming and laborious. Manufacturers and parts suppliers use high-performance TPE to improve product design to meet the higher and diversified requirements of consumers

Application of polychloron TPE materials in the field of auto parts:


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